Rainmaking is measured and audacious, trusting and unfamiliar, managed risk and ambiguousness. These apparent contrasts are what an OCMAdvantage Consulting engagement manages toward a profitable outcome and greater organizational capability. Effective change management is not happenstance.

These actual capsules show productivity improvement, cost savings, and risk management/cost avoidance.

Top Profitable Month. A major manufacturer challenged sites to top the corporation’s $1B mark. After careful planning, the flagship facility embarked on a month-long program. Weekly criterion was set. Employees were rewarded weekly as the program grew toward a momentous final grand drawing. The program delivered $1.2M top line profitability, the highest month YE. Employees were re-engaged, confident and enthusiastic to the point of elbowing out previous third party distraction. It also marked a turning point in its lean manufacturing adoption and continuous improvement change acceptance.

Staffing Plan, Technology Start-up. A conventional utility company made a $6M public bond to launch a new commercial venture in residential digital services. As a large-scale effort, it affected change in every function. The consultant researched, wrote and fully graded 48 new positions within the existing classification and compensation system. From that point forward the talent sourcing, recruiting and hiring was ready to launch, and ultimately proceeded as planned. New employees were easily hired and culturally assimilated.There were no delays, and no grievances nor claims, thereby avoiding unanticipated costs and consequential risks to the new venture.

Contingent Workforce. For a seasonal supplier, surge labor of 200 FTEs was needed for 16 weeks annually. Ill-defined Inefficiencies caused the revolving door to fill with nearly 3x the needed FTEs (600). In one year it caused a $1.5M over-spend. The selected intervention was a two-day data-structured problemsolving event (kaizen) including stakeholders, managers, supervisors and operators. It resulted in many employment and talent management process improvements, but the most significant outcome was a clear supply chain understanding and shared responsibility for contingent labor costs due to variations in production scheduling. The following year employed only 400 FTEs and returned a $1.5M cost savings.

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