OCMAdvantage draws strength from its core values in innovation, knowledge and design. A solid fact-based foundation combined with creativity is structured into a contemporary, progressive, best-case client solution. Change management can be daunting especially when an unconventional approach is the apparent solution.

To ensure the best analysis and intervention selection, the following tools and techniques may be used: organization assessments, surveys and other data-gathering, project and decision milestone management, communication plans, responsibility matrixes, gap analyses, new employee capability development, process descriptions, functional and system requirements/scenario testing, high-performance teaming, a learning culture including case study applied learning, career-pathing and progressive curriculum development, human development methodologies, competency modeling, goal and departmental inter-dependencies, SWOT, ADDIE, process mapping, improvement outcome action planning, origination of Data, Observation and Dialogue (DOD) protocols, multi-media broadcasts, and management metrics reporting. Use of CI Lean, DMAIC methodology and statistical process control (SPC) where applicable.

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