Focused Services

OCMAdvantage offers special management consulting and change/transformation assessments and programs to your advantage. Every engagement is unique because they all start with data-gathering, assessment and analysis. These are the service areas that provide the strongest organizational linkages for our client companies:

Employee Development for Engagement, Learning, Productivity, and Retention

Performance Management for Capability-building and Growth

Strategy for Systemic Culture Alignment and Customer Affinity

Management Development in organic growth, emerging initiatives, and pre-and post-M&A assimilation.


We focus keenly on where a company is relative to where it wants to be. An awareness to company legacy is used as a point of reference, recognition and respect, as well as a point of departure. We help company leaders more forward with measured, giant leaps in change management planning and skill.

A clear-headed, end-to-end holistic approach ensures the best and most client-specific solutions. OCMAdvantage delivers the benefit of deep professional experience, and never re-uses previous client solutions.

When strategic, sustainable organization change management (OCM) is your top success factor, get the organization performance you want.

Let’s work together to improve your organization’s effectiveness. Contact us.